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England’s Creative Coast – A Summer Of Art 2021

England’s Creative Coast was a summer of outdoor art exhibitions along the South Coast of England in 2021. There were 7 new artworks, with Pilar Quinteros’s Janus’ Fortress: Folkestone, a giant double-headed sculpture being Folkestone’s contribution.  Folkelife explored the trail.

Pilar Quinteros

This fantastic giant sculpture with two faces stood on Folkestone’s East Cliff.  One face looked towards the sea, and the other inland. Janus was the Roman god of doors, gates and transitions.  Pilar Quinteros has placed her sculpture on the cliffs looking towards France and inland to the UK.  She said about the artwork: “This is an interesting position today to explore, not only for Brexit but in the times of coronavirus too.  It also links to Folkestone’s past as the head is situated not far from the ruins of a Roman villa that has disintegrated into the sea.”

As the weather takes its toll the plaster faces eroded to reveal another sculpture within.  Visitors were actively encouraged to help reveal the new treasure within by helping with the erosion.

This piece was jointly commissioned for England’s Creative Coast and the Folkestone Triennial 2021 – The Plot.

Janus' Fortress: Folkestone Credit Thierry Bal
Harbour Arm Credit @discobob

new art on the coast

The other artworks could be found between Essex and Sussex, along a 1400 km stretch of coastline.  The artists involve included Andreas Angelidakis, Mariana Castillo Deball, Holly Hendry, Jasleen Kaur, Katrina Palmer, and Michael Rakowitz.  The project is funded by Arts Council England, the county councils involved, and Visit England, the South East Project Partnership and Chatham’s Historic Dockyard.

Photo Credits: Beach Huts – Audiophelia, Pilar Quinteros Janus’ Fortress: Folkestone – Thierry Bal, Harbour Arm – Discobob.

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